Booth 123 | San Francisco, California

411 Brannan Street
San Francisco, California 94107
p. 4159770223

Presented Artists

Carolyn Meyer
Marc Lambrechts
John Wood
Lucky Rapp
Paul Morin
Riis Burwell
Matthew Frederick
Jhina Alvarado


Silver and Gold by Carolyn Meyer. 2018, Oil on canvas 72 x 48 inches

Night and Day by Marc Lambrechts. 2018, Plaster, pigment and metal on wood 36 x 36 inches

Nostalgia by John Wood. 2018, Mixed media on paper / mounted on panel / finished with cold wax varnish 13 x 13 inches

Bitcoin by Lucky Rapp. 2018, Gesso, paint, acrylic and resin on canvas covered wood panel 20 x 20 x 2.5 inches

Boys Behaving Badly (Photo Booth Series) by Paul Morin. 2018, Oil and metal leaf on canvas 40 x 32 inches

Serephine by Riis Burwell. 2017, Bronze 72 x 32 x 34 inches

Golden Gate by Matthew Frederick. 2018, Oil on canvas 62 x 62 inches

Dmitri (“I-Am” Series) by Jhina Alvarado. 2018, One from a series of thirty oil and encaustic paintings on panel 10 x 10 inches