Booth 127 | San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

Presented Artists

Carolyn Meyer
Paul Morin
Lucky Rapp
Matthew Frederick
John Wood
Jhina Alvarado
Gioi Tran, “Splash”, (Detail), 60”x60”, acrylic on canvas


Post Street Hues and Blues by Carolyn Meyer. oil on canvas 60”x48"

You’re Getting Sleepy by Paul Morin. oil and silver leaf on canvas 48”x40”

Reflections by Lucky Rapp. mixed-media on canvases 58”x98”

Painted Lady III by Matthew Frederick. oil on canvas 62”x62”

Seeing Is Believing by John Wood. mixed-media on paper/mounted on panel/finished with cold wax varnish 48”x48”

Windows To The Soul #6 by Jhina Alvarado. oil and encaustic on panel 12”x12”

“Splash”, (Detail) by Gioi Tran, “Splash”, (Detail), 60”x60”, acrylic on canvas. acrylic on canvas 60”x60”