Johansson Projects

Booth 201 | Oakland, CA

2300 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612
p. 510.444.9140

Presented Artists

Alexander Kori Girard
Cody Hoyt
Matthew F Fisher
Craig Dorety
Michelle Blade
Blaise Rosenthal
Benjamin Terry


Brilliant Rivers by Alexander Kori Girard. 2018, Acrylic gouache on canvas

Song for Palms by Alexander Kori Girard. 2018, Paper collage on canvas

Oblique variation by Cody Hoyt. 2017, Slab built ceramic with inlaid surface, glazed interior

The Blue Loss by Matthew F Fisher. 2018, Ink and collage on paper

Dahlias with Blue Sky by Craig Dorety. 2018, Custom electronics, LEDs

Time Traveling by Michelle Blade. 2018, Acrylic ink on canvas

Light of the World by Blaise Rosenthal. 2018, Acrylic and charcoal on canvas

Untitled (Day 25) by Benjamin Terry. 2018, Paint, wood, and glue