Joseph Gross Gallery

Booth 205 | New York, NY

548 W 28th Street
New York, NY 10001
p. 646.535.6528

Presented Artists

Christopher Schulz
Peter Gronquist
LaLa Abaddon
Lyle Owerko


Black Tip MP5 by Christopher Schulz. 2015, Polished stainless Steel 24 x 14 x 8

IM 30 by Peter Gronquist. 2016, Mixed media (Plexi mirrors, toy planes, and LED lights) 38 x 38"

To Dream the Electric Dream by LaLa Abaddon. 2016, Two hand cut and hand woven c-prints 24 x 36"

Lemme give you a checklist by Christopher Schulz. 2016, Glass, Mirror, Lead, 24k gold-plated steel, acrylic frame, Swarovski crystal 44" x 40" x 20"

Boombox23 by Lyle Owerko. 2010, Giclee on Luster Fine Art Paper 44 x 65"