Woodside/Braseth Gallery

Booth 107 | Seattle, WA

1201 Western Ave. Suite 105
Seattle, WA 98101
p. 206-622-7243

Presented Artists

Jacob Lawrence
Jared Rue
Paul Horiuchi

Katherine Ace
Victoria Adams
Jaq Chartier
Roy DeForest
David Kroll
Morris Graves
Robert Motherwell, Michael Spafford, Kellie Talbot, & Mark Tobey


Soda Fountain Scene (Shaved Ice Cart, Harlem NYC) by Jacob Lawrence. 1960, Tempera on paper board 37 x 31 inches

Storm the Sea by Jared Rue. 2016, Oil on canvas 84 x 60 inches

Awareness of Time by Paul Horiuchi. 1964, Mixed media collage on canvas 55 x 44 inches