Martin Machado | Flotsam and Jetsam

Presented by Cordesa Fine Art

Location: Front Entrance

On average one thousand shipping containers fall from ships at sea every year.  Most of these containers sink within a short amount of time, however, a large amount of them remain floating at the surface, slowly carried by the ocean’s currents.  The shipping container itself is one of the most significant inventions of the 20th Century. It radically changed the way goods are transported and paved the way for the global economy that we know today.  The artist Martin Machado, has taken a well-traveled shipping container and created these sculptures. Attempting to recontextualize these utilitarian objects, he asks the viewer to imagine these sculptures as containers floating just above the surface of the ocean, their roles have changed from tools of the economy into aimless drifting vessels.

After graduating with an MFA from The San Francisco Arts Institute in 2007, Machado began spending large portions of his year working as deck crew on international containerships.   In the decade since he has traveled to ports around the globe and come to know the hidden human side behind global trade.