NAGUATA | Atsushi Ezawa

Presented by YUKI-SIS

Location: Booth 407

Atsushi Ezawa, b. 1983 Tokyo -  Traditional Japanese performer,  a scholar of traditional performance art 

Ezawa was influenced at an early age by parents who loved traditional Japanese music and dance and has been a lover of traditional Japanese performance art even since. Today, he is a scholar in the field of Japanese traditional culture, music, performance, and history and performs frequently.


Buyō - It begins with early dance traditions such as mai and odori, with major development in the early Edo period (early 17th century) in the form of kabuki dances, which incorporated elements from historic dance genres. 


Program of  "NAGAUTA" 

MATSU NO MIDORI ( Green Pine)  / 1854 Edo period   -- The celebration song for the departure.


The composer writes a song for her young daughter who is going to start her new life away from her parents. Japanese often decorate "Pine"  as a bringer of good luck. He wants her to be a top of class of ”Oiran” , and have a good life at her new place.


Perfomance Times: Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th at 2pm