Rodrigo de la Sierra | Timoteo

Presented by Peimbert Art

Location: Booth 629

Timoteo was created from some sketches and doodles originally drawn on a simple sketch pad; he invited ,e to express, to talk about the little details that we live day in, day out, and that oftentimes go unnoticed. Thus, with self-criticism, he defines several social stereotypes, and makes of irony and sarcasm his tools to communicate these ideas. 

Over the years, he became and observer of some peculiarities in human behavior, and every time he wants to talk about a topic, I realize that these are ideas involving society; thus, Timo presents them with certain irreverence, with no disguises or hypocrisy -viewpoints that help us see with clarity different aspects of our daily life. 

Timo, the nickname all of us his friends use to refer to him, represents a common and ordinary individual -what all of us are: the man of any nationality, beliefs or ideology, but that in everyday 
life is the character that moves the world; therefore there are no defined traits on his face, he has no mouth, because I have always believed it is better to do things than to say them. 

Timoteo, as all individuals in our society has been evolving, and has subtly matured, but not in his attitude or his personality, because this has been very clear since it was created; that is why:
"Timoteo is an attitude rather than a form..." 

Through observation, he emphasizes small details that either due to routine or intention, we human beings do regardless of age, status or specific group we belong to, and which are overlooked by the eyes of the big city. He shows us clichés of the society we live in, including and showing a type of sense of humor allowing us, in a way, to cope with bitter moments that sometimes we face in our daily lives. 

Together with Timoteo, we can easily unveil the perishable product that we are in our society and in our world, learning to take life with the philosophy it deserves, because it is good to
remember that: "Life is too serious, to take us too seriously..." 



De la Sierra was trained at Valle de Mexico University in modeling, wood carving, molds and casting, and figurative sculpture in the Iberoamericana University. With a career of 7 years as a sculptor, De la Sierra has been able to exhibit worldwide and has been chosen to participate in different prestigious Biennials in Spain and Japan.

He has participated in foundations that collaborate with the UN, such as organ donation organizations and other organizations, such as: Aid for Aids in New York, México Vivo Foundation, Cuernavaca-United We Are Equal, and the All- For-The-Movies Foundations. His work has also been displayed at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, the Soumaya Museum and in the Júmex Museum