Shinduk Kang | Heaven and Earth

Presented by Galerie PICI

Location: Central Lounge

Shinduk Kang(b.1952, Korea) 
Heaven and Earth
2009-2016 ongoing series 
Translucent Fabric patch work 

Shinduk Kang’s art is a breath of fresh air. The colors, materials, and techniques she employs are clean, ageless, and fine. There is a festiveness, and a reverence too, for the things she makes, while her focus is keen and sharp, making her art bold in a very easily absorbed way. 

The main gallery, floor to 14-foot-high ceiling, with a patchwork of silky, translucent fabric that is generally used in making the inner slip of traditional clothing (Han Bok). The use, or reuse of these lightweight and durable fabrics also refers to another tradition in Korea, of using off cuts of fabrics as gift wrapping (POJaGI). The colors she uses for this stitch work are the colors of royalty, festive and bright. By using these colors, the artist means to bring a sense of royalty to all.